PERCUDIUM 20 years old Anniversary

Last Sunday, August 14, 2016 PERCÚDIUM celebrated 20 years !!!

There were some parades around 6 pm in the Gothic quarter, related to the celebration of the Big Day of Saint Roc (the 427 edition) in Plaça Nova in Barcelona with different percussion groups: KABUM, KUKUMKÚ and PERCÚDIUM.

With the routes:

1. Plaça Nova, av. Cathedral, Tapineria, Llibreteria, Dagueria, Plaça of Saint Just, Hércules, Ciutat, Plaça of Saint Jaume, Carrer del Bisbe, Plaça Nova.
2. Plaça Nova, Carrer del Bisbe, Call, Ramon del Call, Plaça Amadeu Ribé, Saint Domènec del Call, descending of Santa Eulàlia, Banys Nous, Palla, Plaça Nova.
3. Plaça Nova, Arcs, Portal de l’Àngel, Comtal, Magdalenes, Ripoll, Sagristans, Capellans, Plaça Nova.

1At 7.30 pm there is the arrival of the parades and performances of the percussion groups: KABUM, KUKUMKÚ and PERCÚDIUM.

Official anniversary posters:


Official anniversary photos:

We show you an interesting selection of this anniversary photos..