Percúdium percussion group of street of Barcelona is an association that was born in October 1996 with the intention of covering the musical needs of a group of friends. At the beginning it is clear that he looks for new paths in the world of street percussion and is unchecked by the trend that until that time predominated in tradition, which almost exclusively placed percussion in the world of devils and correfocs (an act related to fire and fireworks, walking and jumping up and down the streets) and bet on new rhythms. So, full of desire and enthusiasm, seven people start the new adventure of a group, baptized in the van that took them on their way to the first performance, at the correfoc of Sarrià.

Since then, we have been looking for more than 20 years, new styles, new instruments, new trends … Currently we are more than 20 musicians and, with an unmistakable image, of green and white, and with a sound that invites the party and the group is recognized wherever it goes.

Our trajectory has led us to perform at major festivals of music and traditional festivals in Barcelona, ​​La Mercè, Santa Eulàlia, Festes de Sant Roc in Plaça Nova of Barcelona, ​​Tradicionàrius (2009); sports events, such as the celebration of different titles of FC Barcelona, ​​Special Olympics, Snow show of Barcelona, international events, such as the Mongeon Magnac Percussion Festival (France), Rua Walt Disney in Qatar, Andorra and other towns.

Percúdium grup de percussió de carrer de Barcelona



We are well known wherever we go. We are a large number of multidisciplinary artists with training and we delight audiences with African, Latino or Brazilian rhythms.

With great strength and vitality we achieve an excellent fusion, and as a result an innovative show, full of character, spontaneity and a lot of magic.

Our proposal is versatile, we can make a parade or static show, on a floor or stage without major technical requirements.


18 i 19 de maig – Ultra Cerdanya – Cerdanya – Barcelona
04 de maig – Sagrejam, 4ª Trobada de Percussió de la Sagrera – Tarda –  Plaça Massadas
04 d’abril – Presentació del llibre “Col·lecció Músiques de Tabalers. Percúdium” – 20:00 h – La Casa dels Entremesos – Barcelona
14 de març – Presentació del llibre “Col·lecció Músiques de Tabalers. Percúdium” 19:00 h – CAT – Barcelona
01 de març – Carnaval al Clot – Clot – 15:30 h – Barcelona
09 de febrer – Correfoc Santa Eulàlia – 20:00 h – Plaça Nova-avinguda de la Catedral – Barcelona

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31 de desembre – Rua dels Nassos – Poblenou – Barcelona

14 d’octubre – Correfoc – 21:00h – Barri de Canyelles – Carrer Miguel Hérnandez (Barcelona)

22 de setembre – La Mercè  – Correfoc – 20:30h. – Barcelona

21 de setembre – La Mercè  – Passejada de bèsties – 22:30h. – Barcelona

18 d’agost – 429es Festes de Sant Roc – “Correfoc. 25 anys de la recuperació de la Víbria de Barcelona” – 22.10 h. – Plaça Nova de Barcelona

18 d’agost – 429es Festes de Sant Roc – “Va tocada” – 22.00 h – Plaça Nova de Barcelona

20 de juliol –  40 aniversari del Drac de la Geltrú – 18:00 – Vilanova i la Geltrú 

7 de juliol – Timbalada Ganxona – 18:00h – Sant Feliu de Guíxols

26 i 27 de maig – Ultra Cerdanyà – Matí/tarda – Cerdanya

10 de febrer – Correfoc Santa Eulàlia – 20:00h – Plaça Nova-avinguda de la Catedral – Barcelona

10 de febrer – Rua de Carnestoltes – 17:00h – El pont de Vilomara i Rocafort (Bages)







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Trial schedule: Sundays from 6 pm to 9 pm
in La Casa de los Entremesos, Plaça de las Beates, 2 – 08003 Barcelona.
To attend the percussion essays, or for any questions or information: send us an email to: